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Organic Ring Design

Organic Ring Design

These 4 rings are the start of a new range that Protoforming are developing, to form a unique collection of ring designs which jewellers and designers can offer as Original alternatives.

Organic Ring Design

Rings inspired by the sea, wave patterns define the shape of these organic ring designs

Organic Ring Design

These examples use a range of organic modelling CAD tools, allowing our designers to design without constraints or boundaries. These particular designs have also been created to allow a variety of heads and stone sizes to be selected. This will give our customers the flexibility to alter our designs without having to pay for a brand new design.

Want to know More

Whether your interested in this particular Protoforming collection, or developing your own collection, our door is always open to those who wish to collaborate or purchase our designs. We are experienced in Jewellery collection development, and already have a number of collections on offer to our customers. To find out more please visit our contact page at

Ring designed using 3D printing and Casting!


We thought we would give you some insight into part of the Jewellery design and manufacture process works.

Here we have a design which was created using a 3D CAD modelling program, which was then printed in 4 different sizes. The printer uses a cast-able resin, which means we can use directly within the casting process.

Because we use a high resolution 3D print process, we are rewarded with fantastic quality casts.

You can find more information about 3D printing by visiting


25% off CAD!

To mark the launch of our new website, we are offering 25% off our jewellery cad design services!

You can up this offer by Quoting CAD4XMAS2 when discussing or processing your order.

We know its a little early to say, but, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

This offer in valid until 30th October 2015

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