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Computer Aided Design

Whether you need a one-off special, or are looking to develop and expand your product range, our Creative and experienced CAD designers use the best software and techniques to help you to design your next jewellery collection. Read More

CAD Design

Helping you realise and produce your creative ideas.

Fixing errors

With the best will in the world, we all hit a problem at some point when designing with CAD, But don't worry, we are here to help.


Your design is ready but you need a top quality jewellery image for your website or brochure. We provide photo-realistic renders to suit your requirements

One stop solution

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3D Printing Services

Forget about those mass produced temperamental desktop printers, we use the best 3D printers and materials to bring your CAD designs to reality.

Our EnvisionTEC 3D printers accept a variety of resins, giving exceptional quality castable prototypes with a quick turnaround.Read More


Printing a single CAD file or a selection of jewellery designs is all the same to us, we will ensure the most suitable cost effective method is used for all our customers


Have you sculpted something in CAD and want to see it in reality? Well, let us help you.


So, you have designed the next big thing for Dragons Den, but you need to see how it looks in the flesh without breaking the bank. We can provide you with a high quality prototype at a cost effective price.

What's possible?

Oh yes, we do like to sink our teeth into our work, so we can help you create yours.

Brilliant Casting

We use cutting edge casting technology and machinery to deliver the best castings to our customers, with no porosity at competitive prices.
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Product Finishing

Sometimes its the small things that can make all the difference, so make sure all your hard work through the design and production phase pays off with a high quality finished product.
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We can polish both small and large quanities of pieces, so you dont have to.

Rhodium Plating

we go the extra mile when finishing your products, by offering a high quality Rhodium and plating service.

Stone Setting

We work with some of the best stone setters in the country, which means you dont need to worry about loosing time and money trying to finish your jewellery.

Repairs and Alterations


Design Catalogue

Whether you are looking to save yourself the time and money, or simply want to expand the choice for your customers, you will find what you need in our catalogue of bespoke jewellery. Click here to browse our collection.

Engagement Rings

A showcase or slideshow layout mode for displaying image and/or text based content.

Wedding bands

A horizontal centric grid based content rotator, for the display of multiple image/text content blocks.

Earings and pendants

Custom content items in a tabbed format, whether top, bottom, left or right, for flexible content display.

Bracelets and Bangles

A dynamic content grid layout type, to display sortable and animated image and/or text content blocks.