The very last step of your jewellery designs journey, and probably the most important. If your jewellery isn’t finished to the very best standard, then the whole process, no matter how good it was, will have been a waste of your time and money.

Protoforming is the designers and jewellers preferred one stop shop for jewellery design and production, so you can rest assured that the final piece of jewellery is the best it can be, ready to sell and ready to wear.

  • We have the attention to detail to polish single pieces of jewellery, or the machinery to polish pieces in bulk,

  • We can Rhodium different metals with White Gold Rhodium, Guild in 18ct yellow, or Rose.

  • The majority of stones are set on our premises, more specialised stones and soft stones will be sent to our

  • Our experienced Goldsmith can carry out all manner of jewellery repairs, including resizing, half shanks, make overs.

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