Check out our recently completed bespoke ring design!Bespoke Ring Design 7 Stone

This ring was designed on paper first, going back to our traditional roots! we then, of course, built the ring in CAD before prototyping the ring using our 3D Printer.

Bespoke Ring Design Drawing

Our customer was very happy with the result, we’re sure you’ll agree that some lucky lady is sure to enjoy this 7 stone platinum engagement ring.

Bespoke jewellery design doesn’t just serve the purpose of bridal jewellery. We can work with you to design a piece of jewellery with you, as a treat for yourself or as a present for a loved one.Bespoke Ring Design Cast

You’ll be surprised at how cost effective Bespoke ring and jewellery design can be. Why not drop our design team an email now and see how we can help bring your ideas into the world.

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